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Two-day Transcarpathia cheese-wine tour

Cheese, wine and Transcarpathia. What else is necessary for a great weekend? Interesting stories! Romantic legends! Wonderful company! Bathing in the vats! All these You will experience at our tour. Joins us for the Transcarpathia cheese-wine tour!

Transcarpathia cheese-wine tour program:

Day 1

Departure from Lviv - 08:00.

During two-day tour around Transcarpathia our first stop will be castle Shenborn. It is very unusual as was built due to the astronomical principe with 365 windows (amount of days of the year), 52 chimneys (amount of weeks of the year), 12 towers (amount of months) and 7 main entrances.

The next stop is the Mukachevo castle "Palanok", which is located on the mountain of volcanic origin at 70 meters above the city of Mukachevo. We do not know the exact date of the foundation, but there is evidence that the fortress already exsisted in the XI century. You will find out how the young Countess Ilona Zrini defended the castle against the Austrian emperor Leopold I for three years.

At the end of a busy day You will have a chance to swim in the thermal pool and taste delicious Beregovo wine.

Accommodation at the cozy farmsteads. Dinner. Free time.

Day 2

Breakfast. Check out 8:00.

This day of the  Transcarpathia cheese-wine tour  starts from the cheese degustation in Nyzhnie Selyshche. During it, you will learn about the local cheese factory, various types of cheeses made by Swiss technology and have the opportunity to purchase some products.

Next destination is Lake Synevir. It is also called "The Sea-Eye of the Carpathians", because the water in the lake is crystal clear. Here you will have the opportunity to ride on the square, take a walk on a small island, which is located right in the middle of the lake and am glorious mountain scenery.

After a short lunch break You will visit the waterfall of Shypit, which belongs to the seven natural wonders of Ukraine.

 23:00 – return to Lviv.


 Transcarpathia cheese-wine tour can be provided any day of the year, due to the advance order.

To order the tour or to find out the price, call us here:


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