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Tour to Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv

Tour to Lychakiv Cemetery where the most famous people of Lviv are buried. The guide shows the oldest and most beautiful symbolic monuments and the burials of famous people.

Duration of the tour to Lychakiv Cemetery - 2 hours.

Having a walk along the romantic alleys of Lychakiv cemetery, you'll understand why it is usually compared with Pere la Chaise. There are so many beautiful monuments with great architectural value.

During the tour to Lychakiv Cemetery you'll find out:

1. When the cemetery was founded?

This cemetery was founded in 1786 and it belonged to the central part of the city. As nowadays, the richest people of Lviv lived in the center at that time.

That's why they used to spend a lot of money on the grave monuments of their dead relatives. All the monuments were made by the most popular architects of Europe at that time.

2. Who of the famous people were buried at Lychakiv Cemetery?

During the tour to Lychakiv Cemetery, you will visit the central alley, where the well-known people of Ukraine were buried. Among them are: poet Ivan Franko, opera star Solomya Krushelnytska, composer Volodymyr Ivasuk, etc.

We will also visit the oldest part of the cemetery with the burials of the end of the 18th cent.

3. What mysteries does Lychakiv Cemetery hide?

Walking with our guide at the tour to Lychakiv Cemetery, you'll hear many romantic love stories. Besides, you'll find out are there any ghosts at Lychakiv Cemetery and where do they live.


Tour to Lychakiv Cemetery can be provided any day from 9:00 till 19:00 due to advanced order.

You can find out the price calling us here:

+38 063 183 23 02

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