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Tour Carpathian tram and Dovbush rocks

Route of the tour to Carpathians: Lviv - Carpathian tram - Dovbush rocks - Goshiv monastery - Lviv.

During this one-day tour around Lviv region You will visit famous Dovbush rocks in village Bubnyshche. They have the height of 20-30 m and rise above in the middle of the forest. After that You will take a 4-hours wander on a Carpathian tram – the only one in Ukraine. It will carry You through picturusque places around Carpathian Mountains. You will finish the tour visiting Goshiv monastery.

Winter route : Carpathian tram - Morshyn - Goshiv monastery.

Beginning: 8:00. Return: 20:00.


Price ofthe tour to Carpathian tram and Dovbush rocks at the collective group: 300  UAH/adult, 250  UAH/child. (till 13 y.o.)

Tour to Carpathians can also be conducted individually for You. To find out the price ask our manager.

Entrance tickets: 75 UAH/adult, 55  UAH/chld. (Carpathian tram and Dovbush rocks)

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You can order the tour calling at:


Manager Nastya:
+38 063 183 23 02
+38 098 343 58 23

Lviv Guide Daria:
+38 096 463 30 05
+38 063 279 98 91