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Lviv Gastro-Tour

If you wish not only to see but also to feel Lviv, you have to taste it. And for that to happen, we've created Lviv Gastro-Tour!

Enjoy the best tastes of Lviv!

Lviv Gastro-Tour lasts for 3 hours.

On this tour, you will not enter the cathedrals or museums. For Lviv sightseeing, we have the list of other tours there. Lviv Gastro-Tour is dedicated to Lviv cuisine, its restaurants, and cafes. There are few delicious degustations waiting for you during the tour.

They say the way to man's heart lies through his stomach. To love Lviv you have to visit it at least for once. To adore it, you have to taste this city!

Lviv cuisine is very unique and tasteful. During the Lviv Gastro-Tour, you will have the degustations of Lviv appetizers, the main dishб famous Lviv liqueurs and, of course, coffee with a dessert. 

Price & Order:

Lviv Gastro-Tour can be provided only in case of the advanced order.

The price for the tour is calculated individually for each group of tourists.

The minimum number of tourists for the Lviv Gastro-Tour is 2 people. 

To order the Lviv Gastro-Tour or find out the price, call us here:


+38 (063) 183-23-02 

+38 (098) 343-58-23