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Tour in Lviv Criminal Life of Medieval Lviv

During this tour in Lviv You will find out about the exciting criminal life of Lviv in medieval times.

Duration of the tour in Lviv - 3 hours.

You will find out how the jails of Lviv looked like and what the people were snt there for, about corruption in Lviv and the most famous Lviv official, who controlled it. You will hear about the occurrences of hooliganism in Lviv, pranks of Lviv bohemia,the banks activity and finance offenses moneylenders.

You will also find out about "girls in red coats in Lviv", thiefs, executor profession, a special subculture of batiars in Lviv, political murders and evolution of police in our city.

You will visit the Street of red lights, execution places and imprisonment, the most criminal district of Lviv at the end of 19th - beginning of 20th centuries. 

This tour in Lviv takes You out from the central part of Lviv to more common for Lviv citizens and less popular among the tourists districts where the criminal occasions of Lvivb took place.

The Criminal Tour in Lviv can be organized every day from 8:00 till 20:00 but it has to be ordered in advance.


You can order the Criminal tour to Lviv calling at:


Manager Nastya:
+38 063 183 23 02
+38 098 343 58 23

Lviv Guide Daria:
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