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Tour to Carpathians from Lviv "Visit to Gutsuls"

3-days tour to Carpathian Mountains and it's most interesting sights of Carpathians. Breathtaking landscaped, waterfalls, museums of national crafts, traditions, believes of lokal people.

Day 1

8:00 - we go out from Lviv - Maniava monastery and waterfall - lunch - Tatariv (accommodation at private hotels)

Day 2

8:00 - breakfast - Vorokhta (ridding on skilifts, view at the beautiful landscapes) - Kryvopilskyy Notch (one of the highest in Carpathians) - Verkhovyna (city tour, visit to the museum of trembita, museum of embroidery and museum of Film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors") - Kryvorivnia (museum of Ivan Franko) - Yavoriv (master class from making of wool blankets) - Tatariv, sleeping time. 

Day 3

9:30 - leaving Tatariv - Guk Waterfall - Bukovel (skiulifts)- Rogatyn (city tour) - Lviv.

Sights You can see during this tour to Carpathians from Lviv:

Maniava is one of the most famous religious places in Ukraine -  Maniava Monastery. It was founded in 17th cent. by one monk from Mount Athos. You'll also see the Maniava Waterfall with the height of 17 metres.


Yaremche - the pearl of Ukrainian Carpathians. During this tour You'll see the Probiy Waterfall - one of the most full cascade waterfalls in Carpathians.

It is 8 metres high. Above the waterfall there is a bridge. It's height above the river is 20 metres. The next place You visit during this tour to Carpathians is the Rocks of Dovbush. Some of them are 20 metres high.

  Due to the legend the famous Carpathian hero Oleksa Dovbush travelled here and helped to poor people.

You'll also get a chance to feel the national Carpathian craft at the souvenir market.

Vorohta, that is known because of it's old wooden churches. It is also famous as the training centre where Ukrainian sportsmen are getting ready for biathlon, ski racing competition. You'll ride the ski lift and see the breathtaking landscapes. Then You'll go through the notch at the height of 1013 m.

Verkhovyna - You'll find out about the life and traditions of Gutsuls here. The legendary film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" was filmed here. You'll also visit the museum devoted to this film. You'll also visit the museum of folk instruments of Roman Kumlyk.

Kryvorivnia - You'll visit famous Ukrainian poet and writer - Ivan Franko museum here. It is situated in one of the oldest Gutsul Villages . There are personal items which used to belong to the poet.

  Yavoriv - the capital of Gutsuls Crafts. You'll get acquainted to the traditions of making the wool blankets.

 You can even try Yourself in the master class from weaving on weaving machine.

Guk Waterfall- one of the most exciting Carpathian Waterfalls. It is situated at the height of 900 metres. Water falls down here from the height of 15 m.  Lokal people named this waterfall so because of the noise it makes.

Bukovel - the most famous ski resort in Ukraine. You can ride the skilifts here.

Rogatyn - due to one version Nastya Lisovska - the famous Ukrainian heroine lived here in 16 cent. Later she became the wife of Ottoman Sultan and solved different political problems of The Ottoman Empire. There is also a wooden Church of Holy Spirit there protected by UNESCO.


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