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Individual tour to Carpathians from Lviv for 5 days

We offer You the individual vacation in Carpathians. If You don't know where to rest with Your family, come to Carpathian Mountains.

Beautiful nature, magnificent landscapes and interesting excursions to Carpathians - that's what we can offer for You.

Timetable of tour to Carpathians:

Arrival to Yaremche. You can get here by train, by bus or by car. The half of day here goes for arrival.

Day 2

Walking excursion to Yaremche + Rocks of Dovbush.

During the tour to Yaremche You'll visit The Probiy Waterfall - one of the most powerful cascade waterfalls in Carpathians. Its height is 8 metres.
You'll also see the marvelous Rocks of Dovbush, which reach the height of 20 metres. Due to the folk legends the famous Ukrainian hero Oleksa Dovbush was hiding here from his enemies. May be he even hid his treasures somewhere here...

You'll also visit the well-known souvenir market, where You can buy the regional craft items: Easter Eggs, wooden vases, casselettes, embroidered or woven shirts, carpets, goods from metal or leather.

Day 3

Excursion "The waterfalls and springs"

You'll visit the most famous ski resourt in Ukraine - Bukovel. You can ride the ski lifts here and view the landscapes of Carpathians. And if the weather is good, You can even swim in Bukovel lake.

 The next point of our trip is The Guk Waterfall.  It is considered to be one of the most picturesque in Carpathians. The water falls down here from the height of 15 metres.

Then we go to Trufanetskyy Waterwall - the highest one in Transcarpathia. The water falls down here from the rocks with 36 metres high


Day 4

Excursion to Manyava Monastery and Waterfall.

During this tour You'll visit one of the most visited pilgrimage centres in Ukraine. The monastery here was founded by one monk from Mount Athos in 1611.

You'll also see the Maniava Waterfall which height is 17 metres and it is situated not far from the monastery.

On our way to the monastery and the waterfall You'll visit Pniv Castle and St. Ilya Monastery.

Day 5

Climb to Goverla.

You'll climb up the highest point of Ukraine - Goverla Mountain, which is 2061 m high. The name of the mountain goes from Hungarian Language and means "The Snow Mountain". That's why You don't have to be surprised to see the snow on the top of the Mountain even in summer. The length of the route is 4.3 km. The duration of the climb is 3 hours.

Day 6 - tour to Kolomya "Kolomya and Shesory Waterfalls"

Kolomya is one of the touristic centres of Carpathians. It's a wonderful city with plenty of old houses from the 19th cent. It is well-known because of the museum of Easter Egg, that is situated inside the Egg with a hight of 14 metres.

Thiis building was even taken to Guinness Book of Records as the biggest monument to Easter Egg in the world.

You'll also visit Sheshory - a big Gutsul village well-known because of the waterfall of Shesorskyy Guk with the height of 5 metres. Not far from the waterfall there is a spring with mineral water. You can taste it. view the beautiful landscapes and breathe with fresh air here.


Going back home.



You can order the tour to Carpathians from Lviv for 5 days calling us:

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