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Family Tour to Lviv

Tour to Lviv for the family from 3 persons (2 parents, 1 child).

Lviv is a fairytale city... We offer You to visit the fairy world of Lviv together with Your family!A very interesting tour program won't let You get bored!

Tour timetable:

 Day 1


Morning. Meeting with a guide. Bus tour in Lviv "Trip around Lviv on the wheels".

Acquaintance with the city starts from the bus tour around it. During this excursion in Lviv You'll see: the main railway station built 100 years ago, Greek-Catholic Church of St. Olga and Elizabeth - they say if You pour out the water here one part will run to the Black Sea and another to the Baltic Sea. You'll also visit the famous St. George Cathedral erected in the 18th cent., see The Noble Casino and the Palace of Potocky Family - two richest residences in Lviv.

You'll find out about the biggest Lviv universities, visit Lychakiv Cemetery, where the most well-known people of Lviv are buried, climb up the highest point of Lviv - the High Castle Hill and see the view on the whole city.

 Afternoon. Excursion "Childish Lviv"

If You want to present a fairytale to Your child, we offer You to have this excursion in Lviv. We start from the Rynok Square - the very centre of Lviv. You'll feel Yourself as the real citizen of medieval times as You are surrounded by the houses of 16-17th cent. In the middle of the square there is a City Hall Tower which You can climb up as well. You'll hear the breathtaking stories about the houses on the Square, see the house that lives with it's own time, vist the undergrounds of the oldest pharmacy in Lviv. You'll get the optimistic mood from the monument to Smile, see the House of the Seasons and understand that Lviv is a unique city because the distance to Heaven is only 12 metres here! You'll also visit Lviv Chocolate Manufacture. For the end of the excursion we offer You the childish master class of painting the cookies. Your child will definitely be satisfied!


Day 2

 Morning. Tour to the Undergrounds of Lviv.


At the second day You'll have a chance to visit the underground world of Lviv. The total length of the underground passages is 100 km. Lviv evan has its own underground river! During the tour You'll visit the cellars of Jesuit Cathedral of the 17th cent. and the level of the 14th cent. - the remains of the living house. Then You'll see the cellars of The Dominican Cathedral which is the oldest in Lviv. The scientists think that these are the remains of king Lion Palace, which was built in 13 cent. Now there is a very interesting exposition there. There is a gibbet in one room and the witch in another, the cell of the monk and a beautiful but unhappy bride there.

Price of the Family Tour to Lviv:

You can find out the price for this tour with our manager. 

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