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Walking Tour "The Austrian Part of Lviv"

Duration of tour to Lviv : 3 hours.

From the end of XVIII cent. till the end of the I World War Lviv the part of Austrian Empire. It was the capital of one of 26 provinces of the state - the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. In those times the city was developing very quickly and its territory was quickly expanded. It was like a new city appeared around the old one. The new buildings were also very beautiful and expressive and they are also worth of your attention.

In that time Lviv became the first city in Ukraine, which had the railway connection with Europe, it was the second after Kiev, which had the electric tram. The kerosene lamp was invented in Lviv. After that it was used in the whole world. The oil production was started in the neighbour city of Boryslav. A Regional Exhibition  of goods took place in Lviv in 1894. It was visited by more than 1 million of peple. The city became a big industrial and trade center. It was also tha capital of theatrical life of entire Western Ukraine. In the mid. of XIX cent. St. Skarbek's Theatre was built. People named it as "La Scala of Galicia". And in 1900 The Opera House was built.

In that time Lviv was being built as a typical European city. The medieval cemetaries and monasteries were demolished. They were replaced by the fabulous hotels, restaurants, casinos, banks and caffes. Such prominent persons as Leopold von Sacher-Masoch,  Xaver Wolfgang Mozart lived in Lviv then.

During this tour around Lviv I'll show You the best buildings of Austrian time in Lviv. Among them are: The Opera House, Lviv National University of Ivan Franko, Lviv Polytecnic University, The Noble Casino and other interesting places.

I invite you on the walking tour "The Austrian Part of Lviv". I promise, you won't regret.The price of the tour is contractual and it depends on the number of tourists in a group.




You can order the tour calling: 

+38(063) 27-99-891

+38(096) 46-33-005

Or sending a message:


Guide Lviv Daria.

You can order the tour to Lviv every day from 8:00 till 20:00.




During this tour around Lviv You'll see:

Палац Потоцьких. Екскурсія Австрійський Львів.

Шляхетське казино. Австрійський Львів екскурсія.

Костел Св. Ельжбетти. Екскурсії по Львову. Австрійський Львів.

НУ "Львівська Політехніка". Львів Австрійський екскурсії

Костел Св. Марії Магдалени. Львів екскусовод.