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Tour "The Undergrounds of Lviv"

The Duration of the tour to underground Lviv - 2-3 hours.

If You think that You had already seen all sights in Lviv and this city can't surprise You anymore, You are wrong. There is also the underground part of the city. It is quiet, there are no people there and it is not so famous. But it has a lot of secrets and mysticism. It's interesting to find out that the length of undergroung passeges in Lviv is more than 100 km.

The longest and the most famous underground channel of Lviv is the manifold of the Poltva River. It doesn't matter how many times the people of Lviv complained about it's bad smell, because The Poltva River saved people's lives for so many times.

Another interesting kind of undergrounds of Lviv is the cellars of the houses on the Market Square. They used to serve as the storehouses for different goods and wine long ago and nowadays there are popular coffee shops there.

There are also underground passeges, which were used to get from one part of the city to another and the cellars of the monasteries, which served as prisons or for the demands of the monks.

During this tour You will visit the most famous cellars, which are situated under the Jesuit Cathedral. The remnantses of the house of the XIVth cent. were dug here. There are also many interesting exhibits here, including the rack. The tour guide will tell You the story about the monk who sold his soul to the devil, about the archbishop whose body disappeared from the tomb. You will also see the underground gallery of Lviv lions.

 Than we go to the cellars of the Pharmacy Museum. They were used for keeping wine. On our way we visit the alchemical laboratory. It is not situated under the ground, but it is on our way and it also has the mystical spirit as the whole our tour has.

The next stop of our tour is in the oldest cellars of Lviv, which are situated under the previous Dominican monastery. They are dated back to XIIIth cent. In that time there was a palace of King Leo here. You will hear the sad story about three marriages of Galshka Ostrozka, about Princess Constanse - the wife of King Leo and many interesting stories about Dominican Order in Lviv.

We can finish the tour in one of Lviv's coffee shop, which is situated in the cellar, as well.

The cost of the tour for 2 hours is 300 UAH (2 hours) for the group of 1-10 persons.

The cost of the tour for 3 hours is 450 UAH  for the group of 1-10 persons.

The cost of the tickets to the sights is not included in this price.

You can order the tour calling us at:

Tel.: +38 (096) 46-33-005

Tel.: +38 (063) 27-99-891

E-mail: info@ekskursiya.com.ua

Lviv Tour Guide Daria.

The Underground Tour to Lviv can be ordered every day from 9:00 till 18:00. The last time to order the tour is from 16:00 till 18:00 as the undergrounds are closed at 18:00.

During the tour to Underground Lviv You will see: