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Tour to Lviv "Cathedrals and Churches of Lviv"

Duration of the tour in Lviv - 2 hours.

Lviv is famous for it's temples. There are nearly 100 churches here and they all belong to different confessions (Greek-Catholic, Roman-Catholic, Orthodox of Kiev and Moskow Patriarchates and Autocephalous Churches).

During this tour in Lviv You will visit the most famous churches, which are situated in the center of the city.

You'll visit The Latin Cathedral of Mary with the copy of miraculous icon of Virgin Mary. This cathedral impresses with the combination of Gothic and Baroque Styles, excellent sculptures and paintings, chapels of Lviv magnates and organ music.

Close to it there is Boim's Chapel situated. This is a remnance of catholic cemetery with beautiful reliefs on facade on Passions of Christ thematic.

The guide in Lviv will lead You to the previous Jesuit Cathedral, nowadays it belongs to Greek-Catholic Church of Peter and Paul. It amazes with it's pompous interier as it was the first church in Baroque Style.

The Greek-Catholic Church of Transformation of God is quite young in comparison with other churches. It was built in XIXth cent. as the second Ukrainian Church in Lviv. So it has the traces of both - catholic and orthodox churches.

Armenian Church in  Lviv is one of the oldest in the city. It has just celebrated it's 650 anniversary. There are beautiful frescos of Polish artist Jan Rozen, which make You wonder the life. And the courtyard next to the church was used as a cemetery.

Dominican Cathedral was set up in the 18 cent. and is considered to be one of the best examples of Baroque Style. People of Lviv named it “Soli Deo” after the inscription on the facade.

We'll also visit the Orthodox Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary, which is situated in Ukrainian quarter of medieval city, and out of town St. Andrew's Church.

During this tour around Lviv "The Cathedrals and Churches of Lviv" You'll see:

Interiers of Armenian Church in Lviv

Armenian Church from the outside, Lviv tour around the churches

Assumption Church in Lviv

St. Andrew's Church, Lviv

Dominican Cathedral in Lviv

Jesuit Cathedral in Lviv

Church of Transformation of God

Additional information:

The price of the tour to  Lviv churches is contractual and depends on the number of tourists in the group.

You can order the tour calling: 

+38(063) 27-99-891

+38(096) 46-33-005

Or sending a message:


Tour Guide in Lviv Daria.

The tour to churches in Lviv can be organized for You every day from from 9:00 till 19:00..