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Tour for Children "Childish Lviv"

Duration of tour in Lviv - 3 hours.

Do You want to present a tale to Your child? Then welcome to Lviv. Specially for Your small fidget we created the tour "Childish Lviv".

It is usually hard to make children interested by a tour and hold their attention even telling the most interesting stories. This tour is expected to bring on as much possitive emotions as possible.

During this tour in Lviv we'll take a look on a city not only walking on it's streets, but also from the bird's-eye view, from under the ground and from the inside.

You'll hear the exciting legends of Market Place and even pay a visit to the 13th century. You will take a dose of optimism, see the ladder to the Heaven and make a wish next to the smallest monument in Lviv. You will read Your horoscope from the wall of Lviv house, find out the secret of Lviv Statue of Liberty, visit the house which lives by it's own time and even see the really strange beast on the streets of Lviv.

And as this is childish tour in Lviv, how can it be without sweets? We'll visit the places, where the best chocolate, ice cream and caramel are cooked.


You can order the tour around Lviv calling me at:

+38(063) 27-99-891

+38(096) 46-33-005

Or writing at:


 I'll be happy to meet you in Lviv.

Guide in Lviv Daria.

You can order the tour for children around Lviv every day from 9:00 till 19:00.