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Walking Tour in Lviv "Market Place - the heart of Lviv"

Duration of the tour in Lviv: 2 hours.

Market Place or Rynok Square is a special place of our city. From the ancient times and till nowadays the main affairs and destinies of people were solved there.
44 buildings and the City Hall in the centre, 8 streets that start from the square, 4 fountains, the rule of three windows, many legends and interesting stories, a lot of fun and impressions - this tour will give you all of it.

You'll hear interesting stories about Atlas coffee shop, about Roberto Bandinelly and the first post office, greek merchant Konstantyn Korniakt, love triangle, the most pompous wedding in the history of Lviv. You will visit Kryyvka - the most popular restaurant in Lviv. To come inside you need to say the cord words. It's design was made in Ukrainian Ressurectional Army style. If you wish, we can also visit the most expensive restaurant of the city "The Mason". You'll find out about  having many children German Scholz Volfovych, the family of alchoholic magnates Bachevskiys and about many other interesting people and things.


The price of the tour is negotiated and depends on the number of people in the group.

You can order the tour calling us at:
+38(063) 27-99-891
+38(096) 46-33-005

Or writing on e-mail address:

Lviv Tour Guide Daria.

Guide in Lviv is avaliable for this tour every daY FROM 8:00 TILL 20:00.

During this tour you will see: