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Tour around Lviv "Acquaintance with the city of Lion"

Duration of the tour in Lviv: 7 hours.

This big one-day tour will be perfect for the active tourists or those, who have the only one day in Lviv and want to see the whole city. It consists of two parts: the bus (car) and walking part with a break for a dinner.

During this tour you will see the sights which are situated in the centre of the city and those, which are located on the outskirts of Lviv.

You will be able to see Lviv Opere House, which is considered to be one of three best operas of Europe, the monuments to Ukrainian and Polish geniuses Taras Shevchenko and Adam Mickiewych, Lviv statue of Liberty. You will also see the Armenian church and find out about the life of Armenians in Lviv. The guide will tell you the interesting and funny story about the falling of the Magistrate house, Greek merchant Konstantyn Korniakt and love triangle.

We will also visit the Latin Cathedral - the unique building in Lviv in Gothic style and Boim's Chapel with the sculpture of sitting Jesuis Christ in Sorrows.

We will visit the Market Place - the central square of Lviv, you will hear many interesting legends connected with it. You will find out about the first post office in the city, about the falling of the City Hall and awful square, the triangle of love, the most luxurious wedding party.

We will also visit the oldest Armenian church in Lviv, the Latin cathedral and the Orthodox church of Assumption of Virgin Mary. You will see the sculpture of Jesuis Christ in Sorrows, the oldest Ukrainian hotel and the first skyscraper in Lviv etc.

I will tell you about the life of different national groups, we will visit Jewish, Ukrainian and Armenian quarters.

We will also see the greek-catholic churchof St. Elizabeth and Olga. It stands on the line of European watershed. The legend says: if you spill the water on this square, one part of it will run to the Baltic Sea and another one to the Black Sea.

We'll also visit St. George's Cathedral of the XVIIIth cent. Till 2007 it was the main Greek-Catholic church of Ukraine. We will come inside the Noble Casino and the Palace of Potocki. You will see the buildings of two most popular universities of Lviv: Lviv Ivan Franko National University and Lviv Polytechnic University. We will also climb up the High Castle Hill - the highest hill of the city to see the exciting panorama on the whole city. We'll also pay the visit to Lychacov Cemetary where the most prominent people of Lviv were buried.

The price of the tour is negotiated and depends on the number of people in the group.

You can order the tour calling us at:
+38(063) 27-99-891
+38(096) 46-33-005

Or writing on e-mail address:

Guide in Lviv Daria.

Tour guide in Lviv can organize this tour for You every day from 8:00 till 20:00.

During this tour you will see: