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Walking Tour "The Streets of Medieval City"

This is the most popular tour around Lviv, as it allows to see the oldest part of the city, which was built in the XVIth cent. when it belonged to Poland. You will also be able to see tha part of Austrian city of the XVIII-XIXth centuries.

Walking Tour "The Austrian Part of Lviv"

From the end of XVIII cent. till the end of the I World War Lviv the part of Austrian Empire. It was the capital of one of 26 provinces of the state - the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. In those times the city was developing very quickly and its territory was quickly expanded. It was like a new city appeared around the old one. The new buildings were also very beautiful and expressive and they are also worth of your attention.

Walking Tour "The City of Kings"

During this tour you will visit that part of the city, from which its history started. It is situated around the High Castle Hill. The castle was built on its top in the XIIIth cent. So the first settlements in Lviv appeared around this hill.

Tour in Lviv to Lychakiv cemetary

Having a walk along the romantic alleys of Lychakiv cemetary, you'll understand why it is usually compared with Pere la Chaise. There are so many beautiful monuments whith the great architectural value.

Tour in Lviv Pharmacy Museum

During this tour you will visit the old pharmacy, which has been working from 1735. You will visit its trade room where the pharmacist usually met a client, the room, where cure were preserved, the laboratory, where the medicine was made. You will also visit the secret alchemical laboratory, the pharmacy cellars where some of drugs were preserved.

Tour in Lviv OPera House

Lviv Opera House became the visit card of the city 110 years ago as soon as it was built. The tour begins in an hour before the performance. But if you aren't the fan of opera and don't want to watch the play, you can order the tour in any time.

Bus Tour "Trip around Lviv on the wheels"

For this tour we need a transport as it allows to get aquainted with those sights, which are situated far away from the city center. If the group is big, we travel by bus. If it is small, we use the car for it.

Tour around Lviv "Aquaitance with the city of Lion"

This big one-day tour will be perfect for the active tourists or those, who have the only one day in Lviv and want to see the whole city. It consists of two parts: the bus (car) and walking part with a break for a dinner.

Walking Tour in Lviv "Market Place - the heart of Lviv"

Market Place or Rynok Square is a special place of our city. From the ancient times and till nowadays the main affairs and destinies of people were solved there.
44 buildings and the City Hall in the centre, 8 streets that start from the square, 4 fountains, the rule of three windows, many legends and interesting stories, a lot of fun and impressions - this tour will give you all of it.

Photo Tours in Lviv

If you want to make your trip to Lviv unforgettable, you can order the professional photograph to photo your tour. So you will get not expensive photosession in addition.

Фотосесія у Львові

1,5-2 годинна індивідуальна фотосесія у Львові з професійним фотографом.

Tour to Lviv "The Cathedrals and Churches of Lviv"

Tour to the most famous churches in Lviv. Lviv is famous for it's temples. There are nearly 100 churches here. You'll visit the Latin Cathedral, Armenian Church, Church of Transformation of God, Jesuit Cathedral, Dominican Cathedral, Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary and St. Andrew's Church.

Tour in Lviv "Underground Passages of Lviv"

During this tour You will visit the most famous underground passages of Lviv, which are situated under the Jesuit and Dominican Monasteries, Pharmacy museum and the cosy coffee shops of Lviv.

Coffee&Chocolate Tour to Lviv

Coffee&Chocolate Tour to Lviv. Guide tells You about famous Lviv coffee-shops. Guide shows You the most popular places of nowadays and takes You to taste coffe and chocolate in a coffee-shop.

Tour to Lviv "Beer tour in Lviv"

What can be best than beer in Lviv? This drink with the history of cooking for more than 600 years has already become the visit card of Lviv. People of Lviv write the songs about Lviv beer and drink it with the big pints together with the best friends. And we offer You the beer tour in Lviv.

Romantic Tour to Lviv

If You are in love and You don't know how to impress your beloved, I invite You to Lviv. The narrow streets of old city, the rings of bells on the City Hall, romantic stories, beautiful architecture and the smell of coffee - all there things give impressive unique and heaetwarming atmosphere to the city of Lion.

Tour "Lviv Courtyards, Passages and Stonehouses"

During this tour in Lviv You will see the most secret and enigmatic parts of Lviv - it's inside yards. You will visit as the famous yards, such as Italian, Armenian yards and yards which are not known in Lviv at all.

Tour in Lviv "Criminal Life of Medieval Lviv"

During this tour in Lviv You will find out about the exciting criminal life of Lviv in medieval times.

Tour for children "Childish Lviv"

Do You want to present a tale to Your child? Then welcome to Lviv. Specially for Your small fidget we created the tour "Childish Lviv".

Walking Tour "The Legends of Old Lion"

During this tour You will get to know a new side of Lviv’s history – the side of it’s legends. The saying goes: “There is usually the part of truth in the lie” – this is about Lviv. There are so many legends in our city , that it’s really hard to figure out what is true and what was thought out.
That’s what we are going to do during this tour. We’ll try to reach veracity and find out where every legend comes from.

Tour to Lviv "Lychakiv Suburbs of Lviv"

This tour around Lviv is counted on people, who are in Lviv not for the first time or have already seen a lot and want more. You'll take a walk through the romantic streets of previous Lviv Suburbs, feel the atmosphere of XIXth cent., see the pearls of Lviv architecture, which are situated not far from the center but are still unknown for tourists and people of Lviv.

«Екскурсія зоряним небом»

Під час цієї екскурсії астрономічною обсерваторією Ви зможете наблизитись до зірок і поспостерігати за ними крізь призму телескопа.

Дитячий квест у Львові

Пропонуємо Вашим дітям квест у Львові, під час якого вони зможуть не тільки весело, активно, але й пізнавально провести час. Гарантуємо Вашим дітям нові незабутні емоції та позитивний настрій!

Екскурсія вечірнім Львовом "Нічна варта Львова"

Під час цієї вечірньої екскурсії по Львову Ви станете помічником пана Шлюсса- нічного бургомістра (мера) та допоможете йому стежити за порядком у місті і забезпечити міцний та безтурботний сон його мешканців.

Вечірня екскурсія "Львівський трамвай та прогулянка Личаковом"

Під час цієї екскурсії Львовом Ви зможете оглянути панорами вечірнього міста Лева крізь шибку трамвая та прогулятись Личаківським цвинтарем.

Екскурсія дахами Львова "Львів ближче до неба"

Під час цієї екскурсії Львовом Ви відвідаєте 6 топових дахів, з яких відкривається нетипові захоплюючі панорами на увесь Львів.

Театралізована вечірня екскурсія "Львів крізь віки"

Костюмована театралізована вечірня екскурсія Львовом "Львів крізь віки". Пропонуємо Вам незабутньо провести час у компанії львівського бургомістра, жебрака, єврея, батяра та монаха!

Екскурсія " 7 чудес Львова"

Протягом цієї екскурсії гід по Львову покаже та розповість Вам про сім чудес Львова - найбільші архітектурні перлини міста.