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Tour to Sambir city "The Road to St. Valentine"

Duration of the tour to Sambir - 5-6 hours.

This tour is called so because it's final stop is in the city of Sambir, where the church of Christmas of Virgin Mary is situated. The relicts of St. Valentine are preserved here.

At first we are visiting the city of Obroshyno to take a look at the residence of the catholic archbishops of the XVIIIth cent., the cathedral of Holy Christ and St. Dmytriy Church.

Then we go to Velykiy Lubin - the previous balneological resort. We visit the palace of baron Brunytskiy, wooden churchof St. Nicolaus and the cathedral of Virgin Mary here.

Our next stop is in the city of Rudky. There is the small village, called Benkova Vyshna, not far from it. The palace of the prominent Polish writer Alexander Fredro is preserved here. He is buried in the cathedral of Virgin Mary in Rudky. There is also a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary there.

Then we travel to Sambir, which is also called "The Gates of Carpathians". It was first mentioned in 1241 and it has a lot in common with Lviv. The central square is also called The Market Place. There are many cities in Europe, which have the squares with the same names, but this one is the biggest among them. The cityhall of Sambir is the oldest in Ukraine (XVIIth cent.).

Then we visit John the Babtist Cathedral, the previous bernardin monastery with St. Stanislav Cathedral. Now it is used as an Organ Hall. After these sights we go to the church of Christmas of Virgin Mary. There is a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary and the relicts of St. Valentine - the patron saint of all beloved.

You can order the tour calling us at:

 +38 (096) 46- 33- 005

+38 (063) 27- 99- 891

Or writing at e-mail:


Guide to Lviv Daria.


This tour from Lviv to Sambir can be offered every day from 9:00 till 18:00 by advance orders.

During this tour to Sambir You'll see: