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Caving Tour from Lviv to Optymistychna Cave

Caving Tour to Optymistychna Cave. You have the chance to visit the longest gypsum cave in Europe. On the way to it You'll see the magnificent waterfall and castle in Nyrkiv.

7:00 – going out of Lviv.
10:00 – Breakfast in Galych.
12:00 – Stop in Nyrkiv. Visit to the castle and waterfall.
14:30 – Coming to Korolivka village where Optimistic Cave is situated.
15:00 – Dressing. Entering the cave.
15:30 – 17:30 – tour to Optimistic Cave.
17:30 – Coming back. Dressing, eating, going out of Lviv.  
18:30 – going out of Korolivka
23:30 – Coming back to Lviv.

During our caving tour to Western Ukraine we visit:

Rogatyn - the homeland of Ukrainian Heroine Roksolana. Here is the wooden church of Holy Spirit of 17th century. It is under UNESKO protection. We'll also see the defencive cathedral of St. Nicolaus.

Galych - the ancient capital of Galych-Volyn  Principality. We'll cross the bridge through Dnister River, see the famous castle. Not far from Galych there is the old village Krylos - Galych city was here in 13 century. There is a church of St. Panteleimon of 12th century.

Gorodenka - the residence of rich nobleman Mykola Potocky. He built here two cathedrals in the 18th century. They were decorated with the sculptures of the world known sculpturer Johann Pinzel.

Ustechko - there is a unique bridge through Dnister River Canyon. It is considered to be one of 10 natural miracles of Ukraine.

Nyrkiv Castle and Waterfall. We have the longer stop here, watch the landscapes, make some photoes and go to see the waterfall and one of the picturesque castles of Ternopil Region.

Caving tour to Optimistic Cave.
Optimistic Cave is the longest cave in Europe, the longest gypsum cave in the world. It was opened in 1966 by Lviv speleologists. The length of its discovered passages is 240 km. Now the cave counts 18 districts. We'll visit different areas with interesting names and visit the only in Ukraine Underground Geological Museum. There are very beautiful crystals and stalactites here and sculptures made by the members of expeditions.

Making enough photoes and having a lot of expressions.

Going out on the surface You'll have a dinner and can taste the lokal beer. You can also visit the museum of speleology here and find out about the history of opening Optimistic Cave and other caves in Ukraine.


Price for Caving Tour from Lviv to Optymistychna Cave:

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