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Tour to Lviv Seven Miracles of Lviv

During this tour to Lviv You can find out about the most fascinating architectural pearls of Lviv.

Duration - 3 hours.

During this tour around Lviv You'll walk along the historical part of Lviv and see the buildings that are now called as seven miracles of Lviv.

You are going to see and visit:

Lviv Opera House - it is considered to be one of three most beautiful Opera Houses in Europe.

Potocky Family Palace - the impressive building that used to be a residence of the most famous Polish noble family in XIXth century.

House Of Science - previous Noble Casino Building and a place where many films were filmed. It has fantastic staircase.

St. George Cathedral - it was erected in XVIIIcentury in Baroque Style. It is considered to be the main Greek Catholic Church in Lviv.

Korniakt Tower - the highest tower in medieval city. It maintained the features of the defensive tower, a bellfry and a guard tower in itself.

Boims Chapel - a family burial chapel built in a very unique style. There is a sitting sculpture of Jesuis Christ at the top of it.

Bernardine Monastery - it combines the features of traditional monastery building and a defensive fortification.


You can find out about all of these buildings during this tour in Lviv.


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