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Ski Tours To Bukovel

We provide one- and two-days tours to Bukovel from Lviv for small individual tourists. Visit the most popular ski resourt of Ukraine this winter!

If You want to enjoy the active vacation on the fresh air in Carpathian mountains, visit Bukovel.

Bukovel is considered to be #1 ski resourt in Ukraine and it is also very popular among foreign tourists these days. It is situated in Palianytsia village on the height of 860-890 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by 5 hills: Bukovel (1127 m), Long Hill (1372 m), Black Hill (1246 m), Bulchynioha Hill (1455 m) and Pogar (1180 m). There are modern hotels, SPA-komplexes, clubs and fitness-centres close to ski-lifts.

There are 61 slopes with total length of 50km on Bukovel. The area of resourt is 100% equipped with snow cannons.

There are slopes of different difficulty: 12 blue slopes - for the beginners, 41 red - of middle difficulty and 8 black slopes - for professionals. Some of the slopes are lighted  so You have a unique chance to ski on the snowboard even in the night. 

You can reach the hill with 16 lifts: 11 chair-lifts for 4-seats, 1 chair-lift for 3 seats, 1 chair-lift for 2 seats, a rope lift and two multylifts for children and beginners.

Exept skiing and snowboarding You can drive the snowmobiles and snowbikes. You can rent a quadrocycle, helicopter tours and even drive the dog sledding. There are also many fun activities for children.


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