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Tour To The Star Sky

Tour to Astronomical Observatory where You can see the stars and planets through the telescope.

We invite You on a tour to The Astronomic Observatory that is situated not far from Lviv. If Yo're dreaming about the Heaven heights and stars this tour is for You!

You are going to become closer to the stars and to see them through the telescope that scientists use for their job. 

Time: every Friday and Saturday when the weather is good and the sky is without clouds.

Duration - 2 hours.

You;re going to hear about closest planets, see with Your own eyes The Saturn, The Mars and The Moon as well as the brightest stars on The Sky!


You can order the tour to Astronomical Observatory calling us at:


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+38 098 343 58 23

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+38 063 279 98 91

Or You can e-mail us at:


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