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Tour to the Castles of Lviv Region

Duration of the tour to Lviv castles - 1 day.   Lviv region takes the second place in Ukraine after Ternopil region for the quantity of preserved castles. During this one-day tour we will visit the three best preserved castles - in Olesko, Pidhirci and Zolochiv.

Our itinerary has the shape of horseshoe, that's why another name of the tour is "The Castles of Golden Horseshoe".

We will start the tour from the castle in Olesko. This castle was considered to be the first castle used for museum purposes on the territory of Ukraine. The well-known Ukrainian Cossaks leader Bohdan Hmelnytskiy spent the childhood there. The most prominent king of Poland Jan Sobieskiy was born there. This castle and the next two we are going to visit belonged to him.

Then we go to Pidhirci castle. In the XVII-XIXth cent. it was considered to be the most beautiful castle in all Europe. It played the role of Versailles in Soviet version of the film "The Three Musketeers". This castle is also famous for it's ghosts. May be we even will see one of them.

In the third place - Zolochiv - we will visit the castle and Chinese palace, see the copy of crown of Danylo Galytskiy - the king of Galych-Volyn Principality. Next to the castle you can see the strange stones with the gothic inscriptions. There are many theories about their origin. One of them says that these stones were made by the knights of Templar order. There was also their castle not far from this place. But people believe that everybody has to make a wish next to there stones. There is also a special instruction how to do it correct.

On the territory of the castle there is an interesting medieval restaurant where you can have a lunch.

You will be definitely impressed by the city and you will keep a lot of emotions and good feelings about it in your heart.

The price of the tour is contractual and it belongs of the number of people in a group.

Tour to Lviv castles can be organized every day exept Monday from 9:00 till 18:00.


You can order the tour calling at:


Manager Nastya:
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Guide Daria:
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