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Tour to Transcarpathia The Castles of Transcarpathia

Duration of the tour to Transcarpathia - 10 hours.   During this tour we will visit three most famous castles od Transcarpathia - in MuKachevo, Uzgorod and Chynadievo.

This tour starts at 7:00 and lasts till 22:00.

At first we are visiting the palace of Count Shenborn. It was built in a very interesting style - as an astronomical calendar. There are 365 windows (as 365 days in a year), 52 chimneys (as weeks in a year), 12 towers (as months) and 7 main entrances.

People say that these walls were the witnesses of marriage betrayal of count Shenborn's wife. When the count found out about it, he managed to erase the time of his shame from all the clocks in the palace.

The next on the turn is Mukachevo Castle. It was built on the top of dead volcano 70 m higher than Mukachevo city in XIth century.

In the XIVth century the castle went to Koriantovych Family, which strengthened it and dug the 85 m well. Nowadays there is a monument to Fedir Koriantovych on the territory of the castle and everybody rubs his finger to make a wish.

This castle became famous in Europe from the end of XVIIth century, when a countess Ilona Zrini protected it from the army of Austrian Emperor Leopold I.

The last castle of our tour is in Uzhorod. It's history counts more than 1000 years. The secret passages are still preserved in the walls of the castle. Due to the legends there is a ghost of White Lady in this castle.

The tour can be organized even for small groups.

Tour in Transcarpathia can be organized in advance order.


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