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Tour The Castles of Silver Horseshoe: Old Village, Svirz, Univ

You'll visit not so famous but also very picturesque fortresses of Lviv Region during this tour. You'll visit the castles in Svirz and Old Village anf the monastery in Univ.

The first fortress on our way is in Old Village.  Now this castle lays in ruins but in the 17th century it was one of the biggest in whole country. It was built by count Ostrozkiy to protect his lands from Tatars.

After that we are going to see Svirz Castle. It stands at the bank of the pond so the view is very beautiful here. The castle comes from 16th century and it was not only the mighty fortress, which overstanded the Turkish attack in 1672, but also a magnificent residence for the rest.

Univ Monastery is one of the oldest Pilgrimage centers of Ukraine. The first monastery was built here in 14th century. Due to the legend one knight had a strong legache. Once he had a dream where Lady of God told him to wash the legs in the water from local wellspring. He did that and recovered in the moment. He was the one who built the church here in 16th century. And in the 19th century the Metropolitan Andrew Sheptitskiy gave it to the Studite Monks.    There is a miraculous icon of Lady of Gog, that cures from different diseases here.


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