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Walking Tour The Streets of medieval city

The most popular tour to Lviv. Guide shows You: Market Square, Opere House, Armenian, Ukrainian, Jewish quarters and many other interesting churches and places.

Duration of tour in Lviv - 3 hours.

This is the most popular tour around Lviv as it allows to see the medieval part of the city, which was built in the XVIIth century. You will also be able to see the central street of Lviv, which appeared in the XIXth century. In that time the city belonged to Austrian Empire.

During this tour you'll see the magnificent Opere House, which is considered to be one of three best Operas in Europe, Lviv's Statue of Liberty, many interesting churches and cathedrals. We will visit the Market Place - the central square of Lviv, you will hear many interesting legends connected with it. You will find out about the first post office in the city, about the falling of the City Hall and awful square, the triangle of love, the most luxurious wedding party.

We will also visit the oldest Armenian church in Lviv, the Latin cathedral and the Orthodox church of Assumption of Virgin Mary. You will see the sculpture of Jesuis Christ in Sorrows, the oldest Ukrainian hotel and the first skyscraper in Lviv etc.

I will tell you about the life of different national groups, we will visit Jewish, Ukrainian and Armenian quarters.

You will be definitely impressed by the city and you will keep a lot of emotions and good feelings about it in your heart. 

The price of the tour is contractual and it belongs of the number of people in a group.

You can order the tour around Lviv every day from 8:00 till 20:00.


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