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Tour to Carpathians "Visit to Hutsuls for 2 days"

Journey to Carpathian mountains. You'll visit the wooden church in Dora, famous climate resourt in Yaremche, ski resourt in Bukovel, Vorohta and other sights.

Timetable of the tour

Day 1

8:00 - going out of Lviv.

- Visit to the Pniv Castle

- Visit to St. Ilya Monastery in Dora

- 14:00 - lunch at the local restaurant

- Arrival to Yaremche. Probiy waterfalls. The market of souvenirs and folk crafts. 

- Tour to Bukovel - the most famous ski resort of Ukraine

- Night at the local private hotel.

Day 2

8:00 - start of the tour.

- Vorohta - ski complex, photo in national Hutsul clothes  

- Verkhovyna - local beer degustation, visit to the museums of Hutsuls Culture and Private Museum of Music Instruments of Roman Kumlyk

- Kolomia - the museum of Easter Eggs.

22:30 - Coming back to Lviv.


During the tour to Carpathians You can:

- Get acquainted with the beauty of Carpathian Mountains, authentic Hutsuls culture

- Taste the most delicious meals of Hutsuls kitchen

- Visit famous historical and natural sights: churches, castles, waterfalls and rivers, enjoy the magnificent Carpathian landscapes.


During the tour to Carpathians You'll visit:

- Pniv Castle - the ruins of the only one castle in this part of Carpathians

- Dora - the multilevel church of St. Ilya erected in 1939

- Yaremche - the famous climate resort, which is situated between beautiful hills in the picturesque valley of The Prut River. Thousands of people visit this place every year to see the beautiful waterfalls of Probiy and Guk.

- Vorohta - another one popular climate and water resort. This place is more wild in comparison to Yaremche. Here You'll be able to feel Yourself as the real Hutsul and even try on the traditional Hutsul clothes.

- Bukovel - the ski resort number 1 in Ukraine. You'll be able to ride on the ski lifts, see the breathtaking views on the tops of the hills.

- Verkhovyna - the heart of Hutsuls culture. You'll visit the authentic museums and understand the spirit of these people, who live in the mountains.

- Kolomia - the centre of Hutsul Craft. You'll visit the most famous museum of Carpathians - The Museum of Easter Eggs.

Price of the tour to Carpathians:

You can find out it from the manager of our agency. 


You can order the tour calling at:


Manager Nastya:
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Tour guide Western Ukraine Daria:
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