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Tour The Pathes of Ivan Franko: Drohobych, Naguevichi, Medenychi

Tour to the places of Ivan Franko. We'll visit Drohobych where the poet studied, Naguevichi where he was born.

During this tour around Lviv Region we'll visit the places of great Ukrainian poet and writer Ivan Franko - Drohobych and Naguevichi. At the end of the tour we'll visit Medenichi with the biggest zoo in Lviv Region.

The first town on the way of our tour is Drohobych. This town has been known from the 11 th century as it used to be the center of saultworks. The face of this city is wooden church of St. George, which was built at the 17 th cent. and nowadays it is under UNESKO protection. Among it we'll see the City Hall building, Gothi-Baroque cathedral of St. Bartholomew - the oldest building in the city. But the real peculiarity of Drohobych is the oldest working factory in Ukraine - Drohobych Saultern which was founded in 1250.

After Drohobych our tour in Lviv Region leads us to Naguevichi - the homeland of Ivan Franko. We'll visit the "Path of Ivan Franko", the museum of his house (the house was built on the 100 anniversary from Franko's Birthday uding his memories about the childhood from his novels). We'll also visit the Literature Museum with the first editions of his poems and novels. 

At the end of the tour to rest from a lot of information we'll go to Medenichi to visit the biggest zoo in Lviv Region where more than 300 animals are living now.


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