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Tour to Lviv Beer Tour in Lviv

What can be best than beer in Lviv? This drink with the history of cooking for more than 600 years has already become the visit card of Lviv.

Duration of the tour in Lviv - 3 hours.

People of Lviv write the songs about Lviv beer and drink it with the big pints together with the best friends. The history of brewing in tis city started from 1425, when the guild of brewers was founded. And in 1715 the Count St. Potockiy gave the privilege to Jesuit monks and the first industrial brewing manufacture was started in Lviv.

During this tour around Lviv You will find out about the history of brewing in Lviv and around the world, the process of brewing, different kinds of beer and it's tastes. You'll hear about the most famous Lviv restaurants of old times, taverns under the open sky, where the people of Lviv used to taste the beer. The guide in Lviv will also tell You about the occurrence of vodka and vine. You will also hear about the most famous Lviv danglers, glorious tavern "Atlas" and Lviv "Batiars" - the knights of 20th cent.

You'll find out about nowadays popular Lviv pubs, where You can taste the best beer in the city, and even visit some of them with tastings. You'll also visit the only one in Ukraine museum of beer, where You can also taste the beer.

And how is the tour possible without love stories? They are also here. You'll figure out how love to beer gave the birth to love to woman and how Lviv Batiars sirenized the girls after the pint of beer. You'll get to know that there is only one step for beer to love in Lviv.

The Beer Tour to Lviv is fun, interesting, not burdened with the facts. It is for the real beer fans.

Additional information:

The tasting of beer will be held in the next places:

"Kumpel" - Light or Amber Beer

- 0,3 l - 16 UAh

- 0,5 l - 20 UAH

  “Mons Pius” - 0,5 l - 19 UAH

The Museum of brewing:

- the entrance ticket with beer tasting - 20 UAH (You'll taste two kinds of beer: "Lviv Beer" and "White Lion")

- the entrance ticket without beer tasting - 15 UAH

The price of the tour is contractual and depends on the number of tourists in the group.

The Guide in Lviv can organize this tour for You from 10:00 till 20:00.


You can order the tour calling at:


Manager Nastya:
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Lviv Guide Daria:
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