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Tour to Lviv Lychakiv Suburbs of Lviv

Duration of the tour - 3 hours. This tour around Lviv is counted on people, who are in Lviv not for the first time or have already seen a lot and want more.

Untill nowadays there are many streets and corners in Lviv, which are not known even by people, who live here for the whole life.

We offer You to visit some of these streets during the tour to Lychakiv Suburbs of Lviv.

Today the territory of Lychakiv Suburbs starts from the city center, but actually it became the part of Lviv only in XIXth cent. The neighbourhood of it with Lviv, all time opposition and even desire to found it's own city influenced the special kind of character and mentality of Lychakiv dwellers. Even at the beginning of XXth cent. people of Lychakiv were still wearing their characteristic clothes, had their own style of conversation, which made them different from people in Lviv.

During this tour to Lychakiv Suburbs You'll get to know the buildings of  XIXth cent., which were built when it was taken to Lviv, as well as the older buildings.

You'll see: The Bernardyn Monastery of XVIIth cent. with it's defencive wall, the residence of governors of Galicia, the remnances of Lviv fortifications, the monastery and cathedral of Carmelites Barefoot, which played the fatal role in defensive history of the city.

You'll visit the magnificent church of St. Gregory - the only one Orthodox Church in Lviv in XIXth cent., the Streets of Riflemen and Backers. 

Your Guide in Lviv will tell You about the monks of piars and bonifrats, who served there, as well as about the taverns and restaurants, which were so famous in Lychakiv.

This tour will give You a chance to get acquainted with Lviv from another side - You'll walk along not so clean streets as in the center of the city and you won't see any tourists in that part of Lviv. But You'll see the unknown for the majority pearls of Lviv architecture there, which are growing in front of You on the every step.

Additional information:

The price of the tour is contractual and depends on the number of tourists in the group.

This tour can be organized for You every day from from 8:00 till 20:00.


You can order the tour calling at:


Manager Nastya:
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Lviv Guide Daria:
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