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Tour to Transcarpathia: The Pearls of Transcarpathia: Synevyr Lake and Shypit Waterfall

Duration of the tour to Transcarpathia: 10 hours.   During this tour to Transcarpathia You will visit two most famous miracles of Transcarpathia - Synevyr Lake and Shypit Waterfall.

The tour fromn Lviv starts at 7:00 am and lasts till 22:00 pm.

Our first stop is Shypit Waterfall, which is considered to be one of 7 miracles of Ukraine's nature.

The crystal clear water goes down from the height of 12 m and breaks on the stones. That's how the millions of small drops appear. They glisten with different colours of the rainbow on the sun light.

The next stop on the tour is the Synevyr Lake.

It is rightfully called the "The Sea Eye of Carpathians" as the water in it is extremely clean and transparent. The lake is situated on the hight of 989 m above the sea level and it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Carpathian Mountains. The lake appeared nearly 10 000 years ago because of the rock landslip caused by the earthquake.

You will have a chance to ride on the raft, have a walk on the small island, which is situated just on the middle of the lake and take a look on the mountain landscapes. 

If desired, we can make a stop for lunch in the middle of the tour and taste Transcarpathian dishes.

The tour can be organized even for small groups.

Tour around Transcarpathia can be organized in advance order.


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