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Tour to Carpathian Mountains "Pearls of Carpathians and The Rock Fortress Tustan"

Duration of the tour from Lviv to Carpathian mountains - 1 day.   During this one day tour you will visit the places in Carpathians you have never visited before. Even a lot of people who live in Ukraine haven't heard about them.

Our first stop is situated in Rozgirche village. From Ukrainian it's name is translated like "the village among the mountains". There is a rock monastery of the X- XII-XIV cent. there. This territory was inhabited from the ancient times and at first the rocks were used for the pagan rites, later - for Christian.

The second stop of our trip is situated in the National Park "Skolivski Beskidy". We will visit the famous waterfall Kamianka with the hight of 7 m (210 ft). We'll make a tour to so-called "Dead Lake", which is situated in a very marvellous place, see the rock where the three sources start. What is amazing, that the water of every stream has a different taste. 
Our final stop is in the village of Urych, where Tustan Rocks are situated. Firstly they were used as a pagan temple, later there was a border fortress there. It played the role of  "Sault Customs". As the fortress was wooden, the fire destroyed it. But the rocks preserved till nowadays. They were formed 25 million years ago and they still look magnificent. 
The price of the tour is negotiated and it depends on the number of people in the group.

Guide can organize this tour to Carpathians for You every day from 9:00 till 19:00 by advance orders.


You can order the tour calling at:


Manager Nastya:
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Guide Daria:
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