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Romantic Tour to Lviv

If You are in love and You don't know how to impress your beloved, I invite You to Lviv.

Duration of the tour to Lviv - 3 hours.

The narrow streets of old city, the rings of bells on the City Hall, romantic stories, beautiful architecture and the smell of coffee - all there things give impressive unique and heaetwarming atmosphere to the city of Lion.

If You like all these romantic things, we invite You to the "Romantic Tour Around Lviv".

The tour starts from the lovestory of Lviv's Romeo and Juliet. This real story will affect You as Shakespeare's tragedy.

Later You'll see that the age, distance or even death can't prevent a real love. The stories of Greek merchant Korniakt and the Polish King Jan Sovbieskiy will be the good examples of it.

You will be deeply disturbed by the love triangle, which led to the jealousy, competition and even to death. You will be convinced that love can be mortal.

You'll find out about the staing in Lviv of Jakomo Casanova, about three loves of Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko: his sufferings and the moments of happiness.

The erotica of Lviv's houses, King's love and fired love, coffee-shop in the masochism style, legends and true stories... All this You will get during this tour.

You'll also visit the bench of lovers, taste traditional Lviv coffee and sweets in one of the best coffee-shops.

You will also get some present at the end of the tour.

The cost of the Romantic Tour You can find out from our manager.

The Romantic Tour in Lviv can take place every day from 9:00 till 20:00.


You can order the tour calling at:


Manager Nastya:
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+38 098 343 58 23

Lviv Guide Daria:
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+38 063 279 98 91

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