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Tour The Beauty of Galicia: Zolochiv, Ternopil, Zarvanytsia, Berezhany

You'll visit Zolochiv with it's castle, Ternopil with Dominican Cathedral and Beautiful lake, You'll see the miraculous icon in Zarvanytsia and visit the province cosy town Berezhany.

We offer You to get to know galician towns better. 
At the beginning of the tour let's visit Zolochiv. This city used to unite the trade routes. It was also the residence of Sobieski's Family from which the famous Polish King Jan Sobieski came. We'll visit the Zolochiv Castle and take a walk along the narrow streets. Exceptthe castle there is also The Assumption Cathedral of the 18th cent. and the Church of St. Nikolaus - the oldest temple of the town, which was built as a defensive fortress.

Then we'll go to Ternopil. It is almoust the homeland of the famous Opera Star Solomia Krushelnytska. There is a beautiful monument devoted to her in the center of the city. We'll also see the castle and two visit cards of Ternopil - The Dominican Catedral and famous lake in the middle of the city. There is a big motor ship driving from one bank of the lake to another and You'll be able to take a trip on it's bort.

Then our tour route leads us to Zarvanytsia - a well-known pilgrimage place. This town is known for the church with miraculous icon of Lady of God. Due to the legend once a monk traveled through these lands and a dream stopped him here. In the dream Lady of God came to him. When he woke up, he saw the icon of Virgin Mary and built the monastery here. From that time people began to come here looking for healing. You'll also be able to pray to miraculous icon and drink the water from healing spring.

The next stop of our tour is in Berezhany. This town is called "the town next to Paradise". When You are here, You can definitely feel Yourself very comfortable, like in paradise. The town was founded in 1375. In the 16 th cent. Seniavski Family built the castle here to protect these lands. Except the castle we'll see the Market Place with City Hall building of 1803, the houses from 18-19 cent., three times resurrected Church of St. Trinity, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral from 17 th cent. You'll also find out about the life of Armenians and Jews in this town as we'll see the ruins of Armenian Church and Jewish Synagogue. 


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