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Tour to Zhovkva - the City of Kings and Krehiv Monastery

During this tour you will visit residence of king Jan Sobiesky Zhovkva, cave monastery, Krehiv monastery.

Duration of the tour to Zhovkva and Krehov - one day.

During this tour you will visit the city of Zhovkva, which takes the second place after Lviv for the number of sights in Lviv region.

In the XVIIth cent. it served as a residence of Polish King Jan Sobieskiy and played a great trade, economical and political role. We will also visit the central square of Zhovkva and see the place, where people were executed in medieval time. We'll be able to see the castle and the parts of medieval defencive walls, visit St. Lavrentiy Cathedral with beautiful grave monuments to Zholkevskiy family, which is considered to be the founding family of the city. We will pay a visit to Greek-Catholic church of Jesuis Christ Birth, where the relics of St. Parteniy are preserved.

After that we will go to Krehiv Monastery. According to the legend, it was founded by two monks Silvester and Ioil at the end of XVth cent. We will visit the old stone St. Nicolaus church and a new wooden of Transformation of God, the cave monastery of the XVth cent. and the source with sacred water.

No wonder that Krehiv Monastery is considered to be the holy place, as being here, you can feel the presence of God.

The price of the tour is negotiated and it belongs of the number of people in the group.

The guide from Lviv can organize this tour to Zhovkva for You every day by advance orders.


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