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Coffee&Chocolate Tour to Lviv

Coffee&Chocolate Tour to Lviv. Guide tells You about famous Lviv coffee-shops. Guide shows You the most popular places of nowadays and takes You to taste coffe and chocolate in a coffee-shop.

Duration of Coffee&Chocolate Tour to Lviv - 3 hours.

Lviv is the city where nobody can imagine his life witout coffee and chocolate. These coffee-chocolate traditions were born in Lviv in XVIII-XIX cent. Till nowadays Lviv citizens invite each other for a cup of coffee and bring a chocolate as a sign of gratitude.

By the way the citizen of Lviv Yuriy Kulchickiy taught people of Austria to drink coffee in the XVIIth. cent. and later in the XVIII cent. Austrians brought the custom of drinking coffee to Lviv. After that coffee-shops and candy-shops became very popular in Lviv. In the XIX cent. coffee-shops became popular places among Lviv Bohemia. The artists painted their pictures there and writers wrote the novels.

During this tour You will find out about the most popular coffee-shops of XIX-XXth cent. and nowadays, about the history of coffee and chocolate in Lviv. You will also visit some coffee-shops and taste Lviv's coffee and chocolate.

The cost of ''Coffe&Chocolate Tour to Lviv" You can find out calling to our manager.

We can also offer You ''Coffe&Chocolate Tour to Lviv" with included degustations.


Lviv Tour Guide can organize this tour for You every day from 9:00 till 20:00.

The tour with degustations can be organized only in advance.


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