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Tour to Carpathians Colours of Carpathians

During this tour you will visit the Carpathian Mountains of two regions of Ukraine: Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Duration of tour to Carpathian mountains: 1 Day.

We will pass the ancient city Stilsko - the previous capital of White Croatia state. It existed on these lands in VI-IX cent. AD. We'll also pass the city of Zaklad, built by the richest person of Austrian Empire in the XIX cent. count Stanislav Skarbek, and medieval city Striy.

Our first stop is in the village of Rozgirche. There is a monastery of the X- XIII-XIVth cent. inside the rock. This territory was inhabited  from the ancient times and at first the rock was used for the pagan rites and later - for Christian.

The next stop is at the national park "The Rocks of Dovbush". These huge rocks with the hight of 20-30 meters (60-90 ft.) are situated at the middle of the forest and hiden by the trees. At first you can see only something grey between the trunks and it seems that this is illusion. But when you go out on the lawn, you die off the surprise. Waching these enormous marvellous rocks, you understand, that human is a little ant in comparison with this miracle of the nature.The legend says, that the national hero Oleksa Dovbush and his warriors called oprishky hid from the enemies there. Oleksa Dovbush was considered to be Ukrainian Robin Hood. He was also very strong.

In the Xth cent. there was a monastery on the rocks, in the XII-XIIIth cent. they were used as fortifications. There are entrances to the caves and gorges, made by people.  If you want, you can visit one of the gorges called "The Purgetory".

Our third stop is in the village called Goshiv with the Greek-Catholic monastery among the Carpathian Mountains. There is a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary there. Many interesting stories about the recoveries of the people are connected with it. You can also drink the healing water there.

Lviv guide can offer You the tour to Carpathian mountains every day from 9:00 till 19:00 by advance orders.


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